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The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes within the fragrance industry.


Fragrance Tech is a privately funded start-up. Our mission is to disrupt the fragrance industry through software innovation. Our founding team has a wealth of experience, including but not limited to: running one of Europe’s leading fashion ecommerce platforms; building and running a big-data & machine learning analytics startup; having succesfully founded and exited a multi-million dollar tech start-up.

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What We Do

Deep Consumer Insights

We capture proprietary end-user insights, the kind that brand owners & operators crave.

Applied Data Science

We're not going to over hype it, but we apply AI and ML techniques over big data sets.

Gamified Micro Learning

We build rich, gamified learning experiences, because an educated buyer is a better buyer.

Applied Visual Search

We utilise cutting edge techniques to help consumers discover what they will want next.


Check it out to see how retailers can make use of the tools we've built to fragrance profile, educate, and recommend fragrance to, their customers.

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Our Team


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Founder & CEO


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Angel Investor


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VP, Engineering


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VP, Data Science

We specialise in building software technology solutions that solve the fragrance industry's problems.

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